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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2 Design
Date Wed, 31 May 2000 12:58:01 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Stefano Mazzocchi []
> Sent: Wednesday, May 31, 2000 2:02 PM

[a lot of very interesting background information skipped]

> > i've always built web applications around the idea that the
> > request uri specifies the operation to perform and some
> > configuration that is internal to the application decides
> > what screen to display.
> Let's be careful here to analyze the paradigm you are using:
>  "the URI specifies the operation to perform"
> this contains two concerns:
> - what resource you want
> - what operation you need to perform on the server side to 
> generate that resource
> (the third concern, "what screen to display", is already separated and
> the configuration is your contract)

what I like about Turbine and what I would like also to see in Cocoon,
is the ability to specify the action(s) to be performed separately from
the screen to be displayed.

Ideally, I would like to change the HTTP protocol to allow me to send
more than one URL within an request. Something like this:
EXEC /myAction
GET /myScreen

Why? In the case of form handling people usually want to do some
post-processing of the form data as a final step in the form submission
process. If something is wrong with the data, I want to show some page
where the user can fix the problem with the data. If everything is ok,
then the action will be executed (myAction) and the original page
requested (myScreen) would be rendered.

However, as HTTP allows only one URL at a time to be passed to the
server, Turbine introduces a way to include more than one URL to be
encoded in a single URL...
Right now I don't see a way how Cocoon could handle this need for
post-processing through a simple request for a single URL... Maybe only
through POSTing information, instead of GETting it, but the possibility
to do a POST is not always available.


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