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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon and Jetspeed
Date Tue, 30 May 2000 21:08:24 GMT

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> From: burtonator []
> Sent: Tuesday, May 30, 2000 10:11 PM
> How is Xinclude support in Xerces?  I haven't tested it yet.

neither have I ;-(
but Xinclude has been up in the air on this list for quite some time
already, so I think it must be supported somehow ;-)

> I have thought of this.  Using Cocoon *everywhere* really isn't
> something I want to do.  Cocoon can fail and it also adds complexity.

I agree about the complexity and failing. It could be turned off by
default and static file used instead... However, I think it would be a
powerful option to have...

> The real benefit of this proposal would be to store the PSML in the
> database.  This is something that is very important.  The 
> problem is the
> ideal situation hasn't come up yet.  I am trying to come up with the
> "official" Jetspeed database/XML persistence mechanism (which would be
> up for vote) but just haven't had time.  Right now there are a lot of
> different solutions but they all don't tie together correctly (Ozone,
> Castor, OPaL, BasePeer, EJB, XML, XML Schema).  There is a huge amount
> of technical overlap in all these areas.  Each has their 
> advantages and
> disadvantages and I want to come up with an official proposal that
> leverages all the advantages with none of the disadvantages.  For
> example Ozone has really nice XML persistence but its datastore isn't
> portable (IE you always use the Ozone datastore) but with
> Castor/OPaL/BasePeer you get a portable database but you don't get the
> nice, rich XML support without a lot of work.  The blend of the two is
> needed.  I am also want to merge something we have at Excite called
> GenAPI what should make all this easier.  IE Stay Tuned :)

Have you looked at prowler (available at
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