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From "Neeme Praks" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2 Design
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 17:50:45 GMT

> -----Original Message-----
> From: Giacomo Pati []
> Sent: Monday, May 29, 2000 6:59 AM
> Many week ago I had the same thoughts. If you want to 
> integrate Cocoon 
> into Turbine you are at Jetspeed (Kevin has that already 
> done). If you 
> want to integrate Turbine into Cocoon (seems the better 
> aproache to me) 
> you have to rewrite some core functionality of Turbine to let'em spit 
> out XML. 

I also feel better about 
1. integrating Turbine into Cocoon
2. integrating Jetspeed also into Cocoon ;-)

Following all the sitemap development, it really starts to look
promising and I would love to use all the power of sitemap while
combining it with Turbine and Jetspeed.
I have some ideas, but I'm having hard time imagining how exactly
Turbine would fit in the Cocoon equation...

The best thing I like about Turbine is the possibility to separate
"actions" from "screens". So, in my vision, I would like to use XSP
(with XSLT) for user interface generation ("screen" in Turbine) and
system for having actions in Cocoon. Maybe also in the form of XSP

And how would Turbine fit in the Cocoon picture? As a generator?

Also, is there any URL rewriting functionality in Cocoon sitemap? I saw
redirecting, I would also love to see some rewriting, for example:

  <process uri="myWebApp/*/action=*/*">
    <generate type="turbine" src:url="screen/{1}/action/{2}/{3}" />
(As I have never written any regular expression before, then the example
is totally incorrect from the regexp point of view. However, I hope it
shows where I'm aiming at...)

The point being here that if I, for some personal reason, don't like the
form of URL's that Turbine uses, then Cocoon would handle the URL
rewriting for me. (Then I would also have to write my own version of
DynamicURI in Turbine, but that's my problem).

For example, I request
ramValue" and Cocoon would rewrite this into
Value" and give this URL to Turbine for further processing.
Is this realistic?


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