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From Paul Russell <>
Subject Re: First live Cocoon2 site? [cheat]
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 20:48:29 GMT
On Mon, May 22, 2000 at 01:36:34PM -0400, Donald Ball wrote:
> i vote for paul to get cvs commit access and check in his changes,
> and then he and pier can work together to handle any merge
> conflicts.

Coo, I'm flattered :)

I *believe* (Stefano: correct me if I'm wrong) that Stefano
wants to re-write it using XLink, which makes a *LOT* of sense.
I was considering a similar rewrite myself, because linking
was causing me problems in the last project I built with it.
I'm totally up for throwing energy at that (and anything
else that needs doing, for that matter ;) if you guys want
me to...

Paul Russell                               <>
Technical Director,         
Luminas Ltd.

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