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From "Robin Green" <>
Subject Re: how to use the cocoon API ?
Date Mon, 15 May 2000 18:29:55 GMT
christophe maligorne <> wrote:
>I'm newbie in developping whtih Cocoon. I'd like to see a code example
>to  understand the cocoon API. I have to processor one document and then
>to format it in PDF.

In future please post user questions to the cocoon-users list not 
cocoon-dev, which is for developers of cocoon itself.

There are examples in the samples directory. They can be ran from 
index.html. See also the source code for Cocoon itself in the src directory.

Cocoon doesn't really have much of an API - all you really need to know is 
how to write a producer (or an XSP page) which would maybe use the servlet 
API, and how to write a stylesheet, which is written in XSLT.

>Another question : what is the command line  to run Xerces-j ?

What do you want to do? It makes no sense to run Xerces-J on its own, 
because xerces-j is a Java library for parsing XML. Perhaps you meant Xalan, 
the XSLT engine. The instructions for that are in the Xalan docs, which are 
in the Xalan distribution on

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