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From "Williams, Murray Todd" <>
Subject RE: SAX Event cacheing & Generators
Date Wed, 03 May 2000 13:19:20 GMT
> I would be very interested in seeing any developments you might achieve on
> this front. I think it could be useful for anyone who would like to use
> Cocoon in an Application Server type of configuration where content gets
> assembled from various stored sources. If skipping parsing steps could
> things up significantly, that should be investigated further.

The people at ExOffice investigated a way to binary-encode SAX events
and cache those. Interesting enough, it appeared that speed improvement
over Xerces is negligible!

This doesn't sound like an hotspot.

I'm willing to believe that. I was basically following a hunch that there
was a "better way" but those guy-feelings are sometimes wrong. As soon as we
have Cocoon2 up it'll be interesting to do some performance profiling to see
where the best margins for improvement are.

I'm still curious about Rob Parker's claim about static callback methods
giving a speed gain in his testing. Nevertheless, this is an issue best
re-examined later.


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