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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject SVG
Date Wed, 24 May 2000 11:19:46 GMT
Hi guys (good point: what is the male/female ratio on this list?)

Well, it appears that I am now working part-time for Colin Britton, starting
in a week or so (3rd June) until 19th June, when I go on my first holiday
for a lonnng time.

This is the agenda of Stuff To Work On:

1) Complete the existing Image Encoders (adding options, functionality and
speed (ha))
2) More image encoders (really a GIF one would be nice, but legal issues
prevent that)
3) Ensure the SVG serializer works properly
4) Create some SVG Cocoon 2 filters which can manipulate the SVG document at
process time (apply transforms, replace strings etc)
5) GUI editor for the sitemap

The choice of SVG renderer to use is unsure at the moment: I'll either work
on FOP or CSIROs SVG package.

Number 5 should be interesting.  This is being left until last as it is not
essential, but also the DTD is about to change for the offline generator
code.  I've got some groovy ideas for this (I'm going to use Castor to read
the file into a Java object, that will make it sooo much easier!) but don't
hope too much for it next week.  :-)

Anyway, this mail was just sent to say "this is what I'm going to be doing
from next week, any comments?".

Ross Burton

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