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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: Squaring the sitemap circle...
Date Thu, 25 May 2000 16:06:43 GMT
Well, I take back my idea of writing a GUI editor... :-)

That sitemap rocks big time, far more flexible and includes all of the
elements I was beginning to miss in the existing sitemap.  I notice
regexmatching has been included (see - they do have a use!).


I second John Prevost in suggesting that all parameters to components should
be in a <param> tag or something similar.  For a start, it makes GUI editors
easier, and seems more like XML to me.

Matchers.  I had this discussion with Pier last month or so.  You have:

<process uri="*">
    <match type="load" greater-then="2.5">
        <generator type="parser" src="./*.xml" />
        <filter type="xslt" src="./stylesheet/low-graphics.xsl" />
        <serializer type="html" />
    <match type="browser" is="Mozilla5">
        <generator type="parser" src="./*.xml" />
        <filter type="xslt" src="./stylesheet/xul-enabled.xsl" />
        <serializer type="html" />
    <generator type="parser" src="./*.xml" />
    <filter type="xslt" src="./stylesheet/general-browser.xsl" />
    <serializer type="html" />

So, if the load is high then a low graphics stylesheet is applied and the
page sent.  If the browser is Mozilla then a XUL stylesheet is applied and
the page sent.  Otherwise, a general stylesheet is applied and the page
sent.  Can matchers be nested?

Do we want to state that matchers return the document when the matcher has
been applied, or should there be a <return/> tag to send the data to the
client, so that matcher tags can be smaller?  I'm just not sure there is
enough logic in the matcher syntax, if we can represent if () {...} else if
() {...} else {...}  I'll be extremely happy.

Are we standardising on or classpath://
I'd say the former.

What exactly happens here:  <mount uri="bugs/*"
location="jar:./apps/bugs.cocoon#*" />

I'm happy to work on rewriting the image serializers to use this sitemap and
anything else I can do after the 3rd.

I'm going to carry on pondering this tonight....

Ross Burton

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