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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: [cocoon 2] removing bottenecks
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 11:39:09 GMT

> Didn't someone have a wadge of SVG code a while back? I remember
> Pier mentioning it when I was first involved.

Pier implemented a SVGSerializer which took SVG and serialized it into a
JPEG.  I took this and added pluggable ImageEncoders, so that the sitemap
can define the file format, compression ratio etc.  At the moment there are
4 encoders:

* JPEG encoder using Sun's encoder
* JPEG encoder using Java Advanced Imaging (will change to the "Image I/O"
when it's released)
* PNG encoder using the LGPL'd PNG Encoder package
* PNG encoder using JAI.

I also updated the SVG library and patched it to handle transparent SVGs
correctly.  This patch has been submitted to CSIRO and should be in the next

Ross Burton

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