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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: First live Cocoon2 site? [cheat]
Date Mon, 22 May 2000 20:54:41 GMT
> I *believe* (Stefano: correct me if I'm wrong) that Stefano
> wants to re-write it using XLink, which makes a *LOT* of sense.
> I was considering a similar rewrite myself, because linking
> was causing me problems in the last project I built with it.
> I'm totally up for throwing energy at that (and anything
> else that needs doing, for that matter ;) if you guys want
> me to...

Wouldn't that require all links to be declared using xlink?  (doesn't really
bother me as the first site I'm going to put through the offline C2 when it
appears I've just started).  Is it possible at the moment to use XML Schema
and get all elements which inherit from xlink?  Or is this a future idea
when the parsers catch up with the specs?

Ross Burton, deperately hoping the Xerces guys would write some more docs...

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