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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: [Cocoon 2] Regex matchers :-)
Date Fri, 12 May 2000 12:10:28 GMT
> > > Let me ask you: why?
> > Because.  ;-)
> you geek :)

Well, I do have a "Foobar" t-shirt to wear when coding...  :-)

> I think you touched a very important point I tried not to touch before:
> site migration. While the goal is to make the sitemap simple and
> effective, you are right that normally people have to migrate one site
> into another, possibly doing URI-space rearchitecting without breaking
> usage and creating floods of broken links.
> I'm wide open to suggestions on this.

I think what is needed is a <redirect> tag along with the <process> tags,
matches patterns in a similar manner to the process tags.  These can rewrite
the user's URL (just as process does) but throw a client-side redirect (301
Moved Permanently IIRC) so that bookmarks can be updated.

Something like:

    <redirect source="/htdocs/foo/**/*.shtml" target="/foo/**/*.xml"/>

Although this would be possible using the existing matchers, a regex matcher
might make it easier.  :-)

Well, that's my idea anyway.  I'm getting a feeling that the <process> etc
tags might need to be pluggable in the sitemap...

Another thing - any plans on using Xinclude in the sitemap file?  A
large-ish redirect sitemap fragment could be pretty messy, it would be nice
to have it in another file.

Just my tuppence,
Ross Burton

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