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From "Rob Parker" <>
Subject simple-page request creates two XSPGenerator instances
Date Mon, 29 May 2000 12:17:53 GMT
Hi Developers

Unfortunately I don't have any further time to follow this through, but I noticed
the following behaviour with C2 on NT hosted by Apache 1.3.12 resin 1.1.1 jdk 1.2.2

Each request to simple-page.xsp seems to create two instances of the generated
xsp class. For example, I added the following to the simple page example...

  static int their_ctr=0;
  static int their_hitctr=0;
  public _simple_page_xsp()

Hence ctr is incremented by the constructor. When I output this value with an <xsp:expr>
the page...

I've been created <xsp:expr> their_ctr </xsp:expr> times and hit <xsp:expr>
++their_hitctr </xsp:expr> times.

I find that the hit count is correct, but that the instance count increases by 2, except on
the first request. Is this
the anticipated behaviour?

Whilst I'm on the subject, down the track, will you guys be adding an instance pool mechnism
so that instances
get recycled. If that's the case, is it time to put an interface in the instance creation



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