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From "Paul Lamb" <>
Subject Re: Is Cocoon going to be harmful for XML?
Date Thu, 11 May 2000 03:35:33 GMT
> But I have a question that wonders around my head: isn't Cocoon a hack?
> aren't hacks dangerous in the long term?

I'd call it a kludge :). For me, this means taking parts that may not
particularly work well and putting them together into something that does
work, maybe not pretty, but works. Whereas, a hack takes something that
works great and screws it up. Cocoon takes several technologies, some of
which are still not completely baked, and puts them together in a remarkably
usable way.

A colleage sent me this article,, and while
it's based on talking about this guy's TCP/IP research--which is overflowing
with great ideas--it starts off with a very philosophical view of
engineering for the internet:

"This characteristic has profound implications for service designers since
important system-wide properties can no longer be engineered explicitly, but
instead must be established implicitly through observation, inference,
incentives and careful protocol design."

RDF is a whole nother topic. From what I've seen, it hasn't gotten much
attention from the press or computer industry, but conceptually has the
potential to cause another paradigm shift in computing. If I had the time,
I'd go and get my PhD and do an integration of cocoon, http server and
search engine with the whole thing based on using RDF for the internals of
the whole thing.

Paul Lamb

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