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From "Paul Lamb" <>
Subject cocoon & resource interfaces
Date Tue, 02 May 2000 04:25:49 GMT
I've been working thru changes for cocoon 1.7x that would enable resource
access instead of the current file and url scheme in the XSP and XSLT
processors--this allows much better integration with the current servlet
containers. But this doesn't really come out very clean or pretty in the
current 1.7x.

So, I started looking at cocoon2 and noticed that it is better, but still
doesn't have a Resource concept. What I'm thinking of is something like a
Resouce base class with ResourceFromFile and ResourceFromURL. All file type
access would only happen on Resources, and the only place a "new File()"
would ever be allowed would be in the ResourceFromFile. If running inside a
servlet container the only way to get a resource should be using
context.getResource(res) and then doing a getStream() on it.

I'm looking for suggestions on the concept and the interfaces. I'd be happy
to contribute the work. I also don't think it will take much to create
something that can be used in both cocoon 1 and 2.

Paul Lamb

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