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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject Re: First live Cocoon2 site? [cheat]
Date Tue, 23 May 2000 10:35:14 GMT
> > Wouldn't that require all links to be declared using xlink?

> You touched a nerve: yes, it would require _all_ links to be declared
> using XLink, at least, simple xlinks (extended xlinks become quite evil
> on the server side).

Thought so.

> It is possible to declare your xlink stuff in your DTD/XMLSchema and use
> them everytime you reference that element. yes, it's possible.
> But, there are some drawbacks: for example, to write an XHTML link and
> allow Cocoon _understand_ this is a link, you must do
>  <a href="mylink" xlink:href="mylink">

Yuck!  But who uses XHTML except for sending to the client?

> which clearly sucks. Yep, you have to specify the href twice, first time
> in the XHTML namespace, second time in the xlink namespace. This because
> they mean different things depending on the namespace they belong to.
> But in more structured markup, it's a lot better:
>  <person xlink:href="">
>   <name>Stefano Mazzocchi</name>
>   <email></email>
>  </person>

Far more like it.  I'm happy with this.

> > Or is this a future idea when the parsers catch up with the specs?
> No, xlink will be required for server side operation and it's up to you
> to come up with XSLT transformation for those xlink-ed elements or send
> them directly to xlink-supporting browsers.


> Xlink is required by the server side crawlers that generates the
> rendered pages to understand _where_ to go next without having to
> understand the semantics of all the schemas involved in the site.

> Is this clear, or should I elaborate more

Perfectly clear - you have confirmed everything I thought.  Just wanted to
make sure!


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