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From "Ross Burton" <>
Subject [Cocoon 2] Regex matchers :-)
Date Tue, 09 May 2000 19:49:07 GMT
Well, I've bitten the bullet and decided to learn regex's properly.  And
what better way then writing mod_rewrite for Cocoon 2!  :-)

At the moment I have knocked together a simple test class which does the
actual work, using the recently released Jakarta Regex library.  I was about
to turn this into a sitemap translator class, but there is no framework and
no simple interfaces to implement...

Pier - what are the design decisions in this area of the sitemap
(LinkMatcher and LinkTranslator), and could they be made pluggable?  I would
look into this more myself, but I have a computer architecture final exam in
10 days time and I still can't draw the inside of a MIPS processor...  :-(

What I plan to implement:
* matching of URLs and rewriting based on backreferences (completed but not
throughly tested)
* inserting data in the parameters for this request (?)
* client-side redirects, for "out-dated" URLs.  This should really be used
as a compatibility phase as Cocoon 2 based sites go public, as a public URL
space should not change if it is well designed.

Ross Burton

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