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From Steve Stearns <>
Subject Re: Installation Troubles
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 22:46:38 GMT
> Okay, can you post the contents of your config files for Tomcat?
> Can you even get a standard .html file to be served up from the same 
> directory as cocoon.xml?

Oh yeah, that's no problem.  I can serve up html files, jsp's the whole
nine yards.  I can even serve up the XML files, but they just end up
coming through as plain text (when I have cocoon set up to handle the
responses, otherwise it comes through as an XML document which netscape
won't handle).  It only appears to be cocoon that's having issues.  As for
the config files, rather than spamming the list with all of them, here's
the useful snippets (if you need more, just let me know):


Action cocoon /servlet/Cocoon
AddHandler cocoon xml


ApJServMount /servlet /www/tadma/docs



As for the file, it's just the stock file that came with


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