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From Steve Stearns <>
Subject Re: Installation Troubles
Date Wed, 26 Apr 2000 22:16:15 GMT
> Are you using the latest version of Cocoon (1.7.2)? Have you looked through 
> the recent mailing list archives? Have you read the FAQ? What precisely is 
> the 404 error you get from /Cocoon.xml ? Have you installed cocoon on the 
> webserver root?

Been there, done all of that.  I have the latest version, I checked,
the archives, faq, dejanews and google.  Cocoon is in the webserver
root, yup.  The 404 error is simply: 

Error: 404
Location: /Cocoon.xml

File Not Found

Basically I get the same response if I gave it any non-existent XML file.
> Also, installation questions should be asked on the cocoon-users list first, 
> not cocoon-dev which is for developers working on the Cocoon code itself 
> (and onlookers).

Sorry about that.  It appeared that the cocoon-users list was not
working.  That is to say my confirmation of subscription didn't get a


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