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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: JDK 1.2?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 15:54:00 GMT
On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Ben Laurie wrote:

> > As for whether the RedHat 5.2 user base is a problem or not, there's a
> > faction of system administrators that lag behind updating for security and
> > stability reasons, like the Debian distribution. Following this reasoning,
> > they should not adopt Cocoon 2.0 for a similar lag. Everyone already agreed
> > that JDK 1.2 should be widely available on all major platforms by Cocoon's
> > release if not by beta. If the system administrators want to lag behind on
> > the JDK 1.2 the should consistantly lag behind on Cocoon adoption. So
> > there's no problem unless they're inconsistant.
> Umm. Does "everyone" include Sun and Blackdown? Does "all major
> platforms" include FreeBSD?

Hold up. _My_ understanding was that we agreed as a group that the main
codebase for cocoon, now and in the future, would be JDK-1.1 compatible,
that we could try to use 1.2 methods but would always provide a workaround
using 1.1 methods, and that _modules_ could use 1.2 methods if necessary
for proper functionality (image stuff, i reckon). Do we have to have this
fight _again_??

If my understanding is correct, let's document it and put it up on the web
site for all to see. If not, let's document whatever it was that we agreed
to that I didn't understand I was agreeing to and put it up on the web
site for all to see.

- donald

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