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From Donald Ball <>
Subject even more data on caching problem
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2000 07:11:46 GMT
fuzzily, I see the outlines of the problem in the source. it's definitely
associated with having more than one stylesheet involved in a pipeline. In
XSLTProcessor, the hasChanged method only takes a request as a parameter,
so it's impossible for the processor's monitor to determine which resource
we're interesting in checking for staleness, so it iterates over all of
them and returns true if any of them have been modified. It seems like it
would help matters if the XSLTProcessor and Monitor classes added an extra
parameter to the hasChanged method to specify which stylesheet they're
examining. At the very least, this would avoid reparsing the first
resource if only the second had changed. I can't see offhand how this
situation could be perverted into a situation where resources _always_
claim to be fresh, even when they're stale, but it might be a contributing

- donald

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