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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: Project Coordination
Date Mon, 10 Apr 2000 05:05:49 GMT
On Fri, 7 Apr 2000, Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:

> "Marcelo F. Ochoa" wrote:
> >     I am working  in Prism (formerly OWSKiller - Oracle PLSQL Producer in
> > Cocoon 1.7) and I have plan to adapt this producer as Generator in version
> > 2.0.
> >     The next, week i'll put the 1.0-alpha release tested as producer in my
> > home page. This producer support Oracle DB 7.x, 8.x and Lite version (and
> > in the future DB2).
> >     This new version extend the model of generating of XML inside de DB
> > through  Stored Procedures with Stored Procedures wrinting in Java+SQLJ.
> > 
> >    Stefano:
> >         I have plan to contribute with my code to ASF, what do you think
> > about this?.
> >     Marcelo.
> I have no problems with this... but if you do, Prism would need to
> become a cocoon subproject of some kind.... I don't want to include
> vendor-specific stuff inside the Cocoon distribution.
> Anyway, I don't know how many people use this... but as long as it's
> useful to someone, it makes sense to have it under our umbrella... but
> only if this doesn't impact the main distribution.
> What do others think?

+1. I like my model of XML from SQL better, but I think Marcelo's stuff is
neat nonetheless. I been saying all along that we need something like
apache httpd's, so people who want to write things for
cocoon's nice plugin architecture have a central repository to share code
with one another. also so that modules that accomplish the same sort of
thing can compete on merit rather than on 'who got into the main cocoon
distro first'.

- donald

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