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From Donald Ball <>
Subject Re: XSP code namespace & sql taglib
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 07:09:00 GMT
On Wed, 5 Apr 2000, David I. Lehn wrote:

> I just updated Cocoon from CVS.  sql.xsl version 1.7 adds some
> exception catching code while creating max_rows and skip_rows.  It hit
> a namespace problem for me in the generated code.  The exceptions are
> defined "Exception e" which conflicts with "Enumeration e" declared
> earlier on my page.  I'm not sure what to do other than rename my
> pages variables.
> I think the proper solution to this is to move that max_rows and
> skip_rows code into XSPSQLLibrary.processQuery() which would avoid all
> problems.
> In the future with the whole world using taglibs <grin> it could get
> frustrating if one XSP taglib declares variables that another XSP
> tablib from a different author uses too.  I'm not sure there is a
> solution to this other than recommending taglibs try to avoid this
> situation.

That's kinda funny - I had actually anticipated this problem and
surrounded the entire xsp:logic block with an extra set of curly braces
explicitly so as to not run into name collision problems - but of course
that does not work, must've thought I was a perl programmer for a moment
or something. This is a pretty serious problem; I'll have to defer to
Ricardo for the proper solution.

- donald

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