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From Donald Ball <>
Subject bug with document() resolved, sort of
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 00:20:48 GMT
So I got some time free and threw some debugging code into Xalan to try to
figure out what was happening. Turns out that this exception was being

java.lang.RuntimeException: ElemTemplateElement error: Can not resolve
namespace prefix: http

(and a whole bunch of other stack trace information that seems irrelevant)

The problem was actually due to some... interestly formed XHTML in the XML
document. An attribute appeared of the form, http:="foo" (the author was a
little confused, it would appear). However, what confuses me is why Xalan
still is able to load the document when invoked from the command line but
not when invoked via cocoon. If there are options I can set to make xalan
more forgiving when invoked from cocoon, I'd like to be able to control
them. In this instance, receiving elements with unresolved namespace
prefixes would be preferred over not receiving any elements. Any pointers
are greatly appreciated.

- donald

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