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From "Gerard van Enk" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon 2.0: proposed battleplan
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2000 22:17:16 GMT
First of all: My complements Pier for your first action as Project
Leader.......It's a great plan...

> Ok kids... Since I've seen no -1 to my suicidal decision to "take over"
> this project :) and, actually, I got a lot of feedback on that, here's
> the "battle plan" for the next release of Cocoon 2.0
> Please comment, add, modify, revise, do whatever you want with this, and
> say if you're interested in taking care of a certain part (and if you
> have time :)
>     Pier
> Cocoon 2.0 Beta Battle Plan (Deadline: JavaONE 2000)
> ----------------------------------------------------
> The first things to define are what components are going to be
> integrated into the "standard" Cocoon distribution, and so need to be
> ready for the release, and wich ones are to be considered as "addition"
> or plug-ins, and so can go on with proprietary schedules.
> The components I think will be required in the Cocoon 2.0 beta release
> are (merging what came out of the mailing list):
> A) Engine:
>    - Completion/cleanup of the engine interfaces
>    - Cleanup of the sitemap code, with better (fixed) support for URI
>      matching and rewriting
>    - Review of the whole org.apache.arch.* packages and synchronization
>      with the main Avalon/James trunk
>    - Enable dynamic generator compilation loading
> B) HTTP Servlet:
>    - Better integration with Tomcat/Servlet 2.x (with x>0)

Couldn't we just target for 2.2?

> - XForms (Gerard van Enk)
>     Geremy said: "Maybe this should developed as a taglib"
>     Pier said: "I roughly looked at the spec, but I really don't
>                understand what we should do to make those work (what do
>                you want to do with the data obtained from the form?)"
I don't know how we could use it, and the WD is not available yet, so I
don't think we could use it already.......But maybe I can come up with a
brilliant idea ;-)

> - XLink (Gerard van Enk)
>     Pier said: "I don't see how XLink can work on the server side"
I'll look into it what we can do with it!!!


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