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From Mikael Helbo Kjær <>
Subject SV: New ideas for Cocoon??
Date Tue, 11 Apr 2000 06:44:00 GMT
Since I brought it up, here is my thoughts on the subject:
1) Since an EJBContainer will be accessed via RMI, there is a slight chance
that something close to
   a general interface could be used. Thereby creating a general
wrapper/proxy class, which is then
   called by the XSP to get information from the EJB Container. 
2) Another thing to do would be some kind of general library kind of:
         <ejb:method name="??">
         <ejb:param name="??" value="??"/>
         <ejb:param name="??" value="??"/>
   I don`t know if this could work, there would also be a need for server
choice, result capture and formatting.

These are just my humble suggestions, and they haven`t been throughly
thoughtout or anything.

Mikael Helbo Kjær

Software Developer @ DIA a/s

>Niclas Hedman:
>EJB is a complex beast to say the least, and I believe that you are either
>EJB fan or not. And if you are, you seem to have little time for anything
>That said; EJB is a framework into which the whole of Cocoon could be
>integrated, or accessing an EJB server by RMI. Either way should be fairly
>simple. The problem with EJB is the flexibility, since each Bean is unknown
>other Beans, it will be hard to code something in Cocoon to use EJB.
>What I can think of, is that a Cocoon generator could connect to a EJB, and
>using RMI and Reflection, get data out of there, and converting it to XML.
>Another option would be to define a RMI interface, or perhaps a complete
>to which the EJB people have to adhere to.
>The Open Source efforts on EJB is at

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