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From Jeremy Quinn <>
Subject RE: Project Coordination
Date Fri, 07 Apr 2000 09:17:19 GMT
On 5/4/00 at 8:29 pm, (Pierpaolo Fumagalli) wrote:

>> D) Additional Generators/Filters/Serializers
>>    1) SQL/LDAP
>>    2) SVG
>>    3) XSL-FO
>>    4) any other?

On 6/4/00 at 11:23 pm, (Gerard van Enk) wrote:

>4) XForms whenever the specs will be ready
>5) XLink???  

It is my understanding that XForms is meant to be a client-side as well as server-side technology,
meaning that browsers will have to support the spec for it to be usable.

It seems to me that we can and should get on with a solution now, that will provide XML markup
for defining the rendering and handling of forms, outputing to standard HTML.

In short, an xml:form TagLib for Cocoon!

I have been working on such a beast, but to be honest, I am in a bit over my depth! I think
I have a reasonable idea of the "problem" (I've done something similar before in a different
environment) but my Java coding ability is not great (never programmed DOM for instance) and
I just don't understand XSP well enough yet.

If anyone is interested in discussing this, please let me know.

regards Jeremy


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