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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: JDOM and Thank You :)
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 17:15:25 GMT
Brett D. McLaughlin wrote:

> JDOM is an /alternative/ to DOM and SAX.  It provides a fast,
> Java-optimized method of reading, writing, and manipulating XML.  (Btw,
> the PowerPoint slides just went up on the website - check
> download/docs.  PDF coming in an hour or so).  DOM is trying to be a
> cross-platform, 100% accurate representation of an XML document.  We
> don't believe that in most cases, Java developers need that.  THey want
> an intuitive, usable means of accessing XML data.
> For example:
> <dom-code>
> // This does *not* work, even though it is intuitive
> String elementValue = element.getValue();
> // This works (most of the time!)
> String elementValue = element.getFirstChild().getValue();
> </dom-code>
awww yeah!!! 

Thanks for this!  I hated the W3C DOM API!!!! Apparently you and Jason did
too :-)

one question -have you tested it's interoperability with Cocoon 1.x (and/or
I'm about to rewrite some code to take data from a result set and want to
put it directly into an XML fragment rather than an intermediate ArrayList.
Can I use JDOM for this and hand a Node off to an XSP page for further
processing using Xerces??  Please??? :-)

thanks again...


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