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From Mike Engelhart <>
Subject Re: XSP size limit??
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 21:28:36 GMT
Robin Green wrote:

> Tut, tut, you didn't specify your Cocoon version! :)
> Anyway, a little trick I often use when a program hangs for ages is to get
> it to display a stack trace. With Sun's Solaris JVM this is done by sending
> a SIGQUIT to the VM, which is either CTRL+\ if it is a foreground process on
> the current terminal, or
> kill -QUIT x
> where x is the pid of the java process, if it is a background process (as
> yours probably would be).
> I know you can do it in Linux Blackdown with a CTRL+\ if it is in the
> foreground. Don't know about the IBM JDK.
> Unfortunately this doesn't always work, and isn't always helpful. E.g. bad
> FTP connections screw it up. But it's worth a try.
> Sounds like an IBM compiler bug to me, at a guess.

Well, I'm having the same problem with the Sun JDK 1.2.2 and also on the
MacOS JVM.  Has anyone used XSP to compile a medium sized XML file with a
big chunk of static data?? I think this is looking like a bug in the XSP
implementation although I'm in crunch right now and can't dig into what
might be causing it.   I started removing elements from the XML document and
after removing about 1/3 of them, it compiles....sounds fishy to me.


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