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Subject Re: MS Word Producer
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 17:56:14 GMT

>> Hmmm... Doesn't Office2000 exports all the stuff in XML????
>It was going to - anybody with Office 2000 know if this is it's native
>format?  I guess it a compressed form too, I'm willing to put money on the
>fact that it is _not_ gzip.  :-)

M$ Office 2000 is holding app and doc preferences, page values, fonts, styling
information, i.e. all its background info in some very clunky XML, presumably to
make it SOAP-y someday.  If the doc data itself is held in XML, they are not
letting you see/export it as such.  My guess is that they have not modified the
.doc file format at all yet and that when they do it will be suitably
"extended."  Open standards are one thing, the sacred Word document format quite

Michael Haarman,
Composition Technologist,
Merrill Communications LLC

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