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From "Timm, Sean" <>
Subject RE: Cocoon2 and Tomcat
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:42:45 GMT say you're running you mean you pulled it from CVS?
The very latest binary release you can download is 3.1rc1.  If you're
getting the welcome message, it means that the Cocoon2 servlet is not being
loaded, and the DefaultServlet is pulling the default document (index.html)
from the docBase.

Dang, my bad.  I just realized what I did wrong.  That DefaultServlet
section is located in the web.xml located in [path-to-Tomcat]/conf.  Remove
that section, and everything should work.  I've attached a revised
installing.xml to this message.

- Sean T.

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From: Sven Kuenzler []
Sent: Thursday, April 13, 2000 10:10 AM
Subject: Re: Cocoon2 and Tomcat

>  do you have the original XML for this?

I do. This time I'll gzip the attachment so that Netscape wont get the
chance to screw it up again.

The solution Sean provided looks better for me. However, I have not
managed to get this working with my Tomcat installation. If I point to
/cocoon, I get a Welcome message with broken Images (because of the
docBase issue Sean mentioned). But Cocoon won't display neither
/cocoon/hello nor any files I put in my sitemap. 
The DefaultServlet that must be removed from server.xml is not there in
Tomcat 3.2b, so this is not the problem.

Sean (or anybody else), do you have an idea what I missed?


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