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Subject Re: Project Coordination
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 23:19:18 GMT

Pierpaolo Fumagalli wrote:
>>I mispoke: I meant the xsp processor.  More specifically xsp:logic (which
>>already has some support for in place) and perhaps xsp:expr (which as
>>as I can tell, does not).
>Hmm... can you generate java code from that, or you always need to
>interpret some kind of page??? Because it would be cool to compile
>JavaScript in JAva and execute it directly within the JVM w/o any
>"interpretation" :)

In some rare cases (for example NetRexx), this could be done.

In the case of JavaScript, I know of no JavaScript to Java source compiler,
so not directly.  But NetScape's Rhino does have an option to compile to
byte codes, so we could compile to byte codes (a new class) and then insert
a single Java method call into the serialization stream.  BSF doesn't do
that currently as we haven't figured out how to trigger the class being
unloaded when the XSP gets recompiled.

JavaScript compiled to byte codes can be as fast as Java if you avoid the
more dynamic aspects of that language.

- Sam RubyI h

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