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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject [ANN] JDOM and
Date Thu, 27 Apr 2000 04:17:15 GMT

  As mentioned last week, Jason Hunter and I have developed a new API
for handling XML from within Java.  It allows you to read, manipulate,
and write XML, all as fast as or faster than SAX and DOM.  Additionally,
we are both convinced it is/much/ more usable from Java, and we have
really received a lot of interest from folks in response to the mail
last week.

  We are now happy to publicly announce the JDOM API, and its status as
a new Open Source project.  We just finished a presentation to the
Mountain View, CA, Java Users Group, which was very well-received.  We
currently have a 1.0 beta 3 product that we feel needs only testing and
small bug-fixes to be ready for a 1.0 final release.

  In fact, you are getting the sneak-peak - JDOM has its first press
release tomorrow morning, and its site,, is announced. 
You should go and check out the code, the binaries, the source, the
documentation, and everything else there - the API is already receiving
very positive reviews.  Our mission, intent, and project model is
explained - but I guarantee, if you are a Java developer that needs to
use XML, in any way at all, this is worth checking out!  We hope to see
you all on the mailing lists soon!

Brett McLaughlin
Co-creater, JDOM (
Author, "Java and XML" (O'Reilly)
Author, "Enterprise Applications in Java" (O'Reilly)

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