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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: SVG Toolkit
Date Tue, 25 Apr 2000 23:48:12 GMT wrote:
> > The CSIRO SVG Toolkit has been updated. Is it planned to
> > use this in the SVG serializer rather than the current
> > svgv_0_8 release?
> > It also uses JIMI for imaging into various output formats
> > (Jimi's range of supported formats includes GIF, JPEG,
> > TIFF, PNG, PICT, Photoshop, BMP, Targa, ICO, CUR,
> > Sunraster, XBM, XPM, and PCX, )
> > Has anyone looked at this yet??
> Amazing timing!  :-)  On Friday I posted some code for Cocoon
> 2 to Pier, specifically:
> * SVGSerializer, using the latest CSIRO SVG toolkit
> * ImageEncoder interfaces for encoding BufferedImage objects
> to image files, and implementations using Java Advanced Imaging
> (use of JIMI is deprecated).  In the future there will be an
> Image I/O extension that shall be used.
> I have patched the SVG toolkit to render images on a transparent
> background (instead of solid white), CSIRO have this patch and
> it should be in the next release.
> The ImageEncoder implementations are exposed as Components in
> the sitemap, so that any Serializer which creates images can
> use them to create image files on any format (at the moment only
> PNG and JPEG are supported).

i was about to commit the whole stuff to CVS...

> Oh - I just noticed that you claim JIMI allows saving of GIFs.
>  Are these compressed?  (Unisys own a patent on LZW) If so, a
>  GIF encoder using JIMI might be very handy, until Image I/O
> comes out with (I hope) GIF compression code.

gif are compressed by default... they cannot be not-compressed...
i just wonder if it's possible to use that code without breaking
any US patent issue (even if it's distributed by sun and freely

I'd like to ask Mike (Pogue) who is certainly more experienced in
those kind of situations...


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