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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon2: HTML pretty printing.
Date Sat, 22 Apr 2000 04:08:02 GMT
Brett McLaughlin wrote:
> > I believe this should be an option... I would say, +1 on keeping our
> > stand-alone serializers, and +1 on the development of a TrAX-based
> > serializer (the ones in Xerces will be using that API).
> If it's done elegantly, ie. though reflection, I think that's OK.  Or if
> there is a standard API, and we're using a Xerces impl, (like we use the
> Xerces impl of DOM and SAX), that's fine, because we can make it
> pluggable. 

TrAX should be a standard factorying API for transformers/filters and
serializers... It's not even an Apache stuff... It's going to be
published initially by the OpenXML initiative, and then probably moved
to XML.ORG, or W3C, or JAVAX or something like it...

> What I'm getting at (and I think you probably agree) is not
> to lock our users into a single vendor's solution/parser/whatever.

I _totally_ agree.... But, as I said, TrAX is not vendor specific...

> besides, why are you up so late on easter weekend on a friday... nerd
> ;-)

Hmmm... It's not so late (9:02 PM here) and Easter (is it this week-end?
aw, yess, Stefano said he was taking a 2 days break!) has no real
meaning for me since I'm not Christian...

> -brett, installing linux (a real nerd) tonight on his new laptop...

You're a real nerd because you're installing LINUX on your Laptop
(sorry, GNU/Linux, because if by chance Richard Stallman is seeing this
EMail, he's going to flame me...)



> Message-ID: <>
> Date:       Wed, 19 Apr 2000 23:17:32 -0600
> Reply-To:
> Sender:     Bugtraq List <BUGTRAQ@SECURITYFOCUS.COM>
> From:       Richard Stallman <>
> Subject:    GNU/Linux
> Thanks for telling us a fix for the PTY problem.  We will probably
> make an Emacs 20.7 release with a fix for this; but first we need
> to get legal papers for the changes.  That is no problem for
> the changes written by Gerd, but who are the authors of the rest,
> and how can we contact them?
> I'd like to ask you to do one other thing for us--a matter of
> terminology.
>    Affected systems:
>      Linux (both libc and glibc)
> Linux is the kernel; the system as a whole is basically the GNU
> operating system.  We're the system's principal developer; would you
> please give us a share of the credit, by calling the system
> "GNU/Linux"?  The GNU Project was the principal developer of this
> system, so it seems fair to give us at least an equal share of the
> current.
> Note that all versions of GNU/Linux use a version of GNU libc.  The
> so-called "Linux libc" was a modified version of GNU libc version 1.
> This is another example of how we don't get credit for our work
> because people call it "Linux".
> See for more
> explanation.

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