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From Sean Champ <>
Subject a request from the documentation-team (?) : definitions
Date Fri, 21 Apr 2000 01:13:47 GMT


i don't know if there's a set "documentation team" yet.

( if there is, please email me directly. 
   the mailto: options are at the end of this email. )

so here goes.

_please_ cc: any replies directly to

for extending the Cocoon documentation :

1)  i need some definitions.

	a) "sitemap"

	b) serializer

     ( working on a glossary of XML-related name-tokens, btw. 
	and should not be selfish, with that info. )

  if that's too general of a request, but if you'd be willing to offer
info in-reply to a more specific question, please cc: to the above
address, with (a) pointer(s) towards what specifics might be helpful.


2)  can we get Jetspeed going, for project-management? 

        a) a portlet-set for each development-grouping ?

		and something to group the mailing-list streams,

		(otherwise, how much pertinent data
                    gets lost in the flood?)

	b) is there a mailing-list for Jetspeed, yet?

apologies, if some of these have been addressed well-enough before.

 ( netscape messanger doesn't offer regexp-based searching.)

  i'll probably need to dig in the archives, for some of this,
    but quering the list about it seemed like a good start.

this is a promise that, if things go well enough here, i'll commit to
writing up some (hopefully, extensive) documentation. 

(if "extensive", then "maybe hard-copy available? profits to the Apache
Group, and maybe to some charitable organizations?")

but I need to gather info from some developers who are actively working
on the various packages. 

 ( and might not mind building something of a CGI-based "roll-call", for
the same.
	need the servlets-practice.
   but I need a definite "go-ahead" on it, if i'm going to tack this on
top of some other potential priorities.  and a contact-address, for
preliminary questions and who-to-send-the-finished-product-to.  )

the apache web-server is a mainstay of the internet.

cocoon might be a mainstay of the document-side of the web, shortly.

-- sean.champ

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