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From "Paul Curtis" <>
Subject Re: Request Headers/Parameters Exposed?
Date Thu, 20 Apr 2000 00:56:56 GMT
Actually, after looking through the code, I think a RequestFilter and/or
a SessionFilter would be the best solution. That way, the filter can
place a <request: XXXX> and/or a <session: XXXX> namespace in the XML
for use by stylesheets.

Most of what I'm looking for is to make stylesheet decisions based on
some information that may be passed in the request headers or session

Now, on to coding. Thanks for the info,


"Pier P. Fumagalli" wrote:
> Headers are available to all Generators/Filters/Serializers thru the
> Request object (passed in a call to SitemapComponent.setup(...).
> You can modify the XalanFilter to access to those as Stylesheet
> parameters (maybe having some configuration options to map Headers to
> stylesheet params...)

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