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From "Kevin A. Burton" <>
Subject Re: coccon-devel : a suggestion (Ant + CVS)
Date Wed, 19 Apr 2000 09:21:29 GMT
Sean Champ wrote:
> the apache-group is a group to be thankful for, I think.
> (just came across Jetspeed (
> ).
>  it looks good.
> ==> and does anyone know what they used to write their UML docs?
>  )


I used GNOME Dia.  Pretty good but doesn't support forward or reverse
engineering :(
> back to the main:
> was looking at Ant today, finally, and noticed that it offers an option
> for grabbing CVS packages.
> if someone else does the following, ok, if not, I'll put it on the
> hack-board, here:
> I think that the Cocoon team (and perhaps the rest of the
> teams, as well. at least the ones working with Java) should provide Ant
> files, seperate from the main download-packages, and in the same section
> as ~/dist/**/${package} , for automating the grabbing of the CVS trees
> of each package.
> possibly one for the main-downloads, too, set to check for the most
> recent versions?
> (which might require an extension to Ant. but experience with Java is
> something i'm hoping for, right now. I like Java(TM) .  )
> so do the Ant ideas seem to be worth it?

Why not do a "cvs update" first? :)

Kevin A Burton (
Message to SUN:  "Please Open Source Java!"
The house of the unbelievers shall be razed and they shall be
scorched to the earth. Their code will be open until the end of days.

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