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From Sean Champ <>
Subject Re: cocoon-output to multipile files
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 04:03:12 GMT

thank you for the pointers. this will be good if I can afford a
JServ-enabled web-hosting package, or for any future clients who might
be willing to obtain the same (a wise choice it would be, but not
necessarily one that would be made by those who know the words "PERL"
and "PHP" perhaps too well, or if it turns out to be too expensive to
have set-up). and I may be able to use some sort of work-around, in the
meantime (eg: wget http://localhost )

( Been planning on using the mentioned XSLT-work for a non-servlet
enabled web-host, until some things might kick over, here.  also, XML +
XSL + *  is not a bad option for a free authoring-suite, if some
"helper" software could be built for it. )

I'm thinking that author-side parsing is not a bad idea (especially for
those others, around the world, who cannot afford PERL on a web-hosting,
let alone JServ. and until web-hosting providers might catch on to
servlet-engines.)  and will still probably try to figure out a way to
work something into the code to do what i'd been hoping with
multi-document output.  and/or write an extension to XSL(T?) (this might
be good for some sort of "ERP" something, too. multiple reports sent
from one forms-submittal, for example). 

and whether or not it would get worked into the CVS-tree, if written,
that's ok.

thanks again

-- s.c.

"Timm, Sean" wrote:
> Frame requests are not controlled by Cocoon.  They are controlled by the
> browser.  You just need to output a frameset, and then the browser can make
> separate calls to Cocoon for each frame.  If you want to maintain and
> control which XSL file to associate with a request, you can implement your
> own processor to handle it.  However, all of this may change with Cocoon 2,
> but I still haven't found out if it is possible to dynamically associate an
> XSL file with an XML document in the Cocoon 2 model.
> - Sean T.
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Sean Champ
> To:
> Sent: 4/17/00 6:48 PM
> Subject: cocoon-output to multipile files
> hi.
> does anyone know if there are any (currently-supported-in-Cocoon) "fo:"
> elements that would be able to get the processor to output multiple HTML
> files from one XML + XSL combination?
> (namely: for use in generating HTML-frameset pages from one
> source-document)
> (if answer="no",
>    something.onThisDevelopersPlate.another = "to work on a way to do
> this with Processing-Instructions, then to put together a report about
> it for the coccoon team."
>   and
>     note.please = "any tips on how to do this with XSL:PI, XML:PI, or
> Cocoon:PI should be appreciated"
>   and
>       ETA.hopefully = "soon. a web-site is on-hold, for this."
> .)
> -- sean

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