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From Sean Champ <>
Subject cocoon-output to multipile files
Date Tue, 18 Apr 2000 00:48:19 GMT

does anyone know if there are any (currently-supported-in-Cocoon) "fo:"
elements that would be able to get the processor to output multiple HTML
files from one XML + XSL combination?

(namely: for use in generating HTML-frameset pages from one

(if answer="no", 
   something.onThisDevelopersPlate.another = "to work on a way to do
this with Processing-Instructions, then to put together a report about
it for the coccoon team." 
    note.please = "any tips on how to do this with XSL:PI, XML:PI, or
Cocoon:PI should be appreciated"
      ETA.hopefully = "soon. a web-site is on-hold, for this."

-- sean

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