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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: stability of current public release
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2000 23:27:09 GMT
Sean Champ wrote:
> hi.
> i'm needing to get back into the job-digging here, and one option is to
> present Cocoon + XSL to a local newspaper agency, for their web-side.
> but i'm cautious about this.
> would y'all say, honestly, whether or not the current public release (
> 1.7.2 ) is stable enough for a production setting?

besides performance, memory usage and lack of sitemap, Cocoon 1.7.3 (to
be released really soon now) can safely be used on a production
environment, for what I know.

There seem to be issues with very big XSP pages, but it should stop you.
> (and/or any sticky operations to be aware of?)

the bug database is clear :)
> i know that something in the docs said that someone was successful with
> setting it up in a business setting, but I wanted to double-check that
> the current version is ready for the likes of this.  (not wanting my
> first step back into a job to be one that might land on thin ice. not
> wanting to support any XSL engines besides an OSS one, either. (and the
> Apache-group seems like a commendable one.) )
> (also, for a newspapaper-publisher, that XSL engine might wind up
> working in a goliath role.)

performance will be your problem. But I was able to run the sample page included in the distribution on my Celeron
450Mhz (300a overclocked!), 128MB, Win2000, JDK 1.2.2 (classic VM) to do
50millis/request, which means 20req/sec.

Not much, I agree. But 20req/sec mean 1.7 million requests per day.
Which is already a pretty good site.

I was told the Oracle Application Server needs two big SUN machines with
a total of 16 CPUs and 8Gigs of RAM to do 100req/sec, most of which
static for periods of many seconds (mostly stock quotes in this specific

And I go telling people that Cocoon is slow, damn honesty :)

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