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From Brett McLaughlin <>
Subject Re: LGPL + APL = not good!
Date Mon, 17 Apr 2000 20:39:37 GMT

Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> Paul Russell wrote:
> >
> > > See? no need for legal troubles.
> >
> > In the nicest possible way, I don't see this. How many other
> > libraries are we going to miss out on long term becase of this?
> > A *lot* of code is, (and will continue to be) released under
> > the LGPL.
> >
> > Also, I'm not entirely sure that we can entirely ignore regexps
> > for sitemap use - people *are* going to want to use them;
> > personally, I speak fluent regexp and it's surprising how useful
> > it can be.
> I'm _strongly_ -1 to regexp in the sitemap.

Agreed.  Pattern matching is a parsing _component_, not some sort of
utility package (in regards to XML applications).  It also is part of
the W3C XML Schema Recommendation, and therefore will show up in Apache
Xerces before you know it, as they plan to catch up to the latest XML
Schema specification.  So there are two (non-legal) reasons to avoid
writing regexp for Cocoon.  

Additionally, I'm +1 (btw, Stefano, how's my commit status coming?)
behind avoiding LGPL (and of course GPL).  Yes, a lot of code is
released under LGPL.  There's a lot of code released under Microsoft
that people choose not to use as well, because *it locks them into a
paradigm that they want to avoid.*

Just as Microsoft forces you to not only choose them once, but over and
over and over again (as compatibility spirals), LGPL forces you to
choose LGPL over and over and over again.  You are assuming that a
choice like using this or that library from LGPL is a /single, isolated/
choice, when in fact, it forces choices long down the line.

My honest opinion is that as soon as LGPL enters Cocoon, we are going to
have problems that will only grow.  Does this mean that we'll miss out
on some good code?  Yes.  Does it mean we'll have to work harder,
sometimes seeing fewer results?  Yes.  Is that worth being able to have
our user base use our software with impunity?  Absolutely.

Guys, we are, ultimately, shoe salesmen.  We don't exist without a user
base, and that user base needs solutions that do not limit them, but in
fact expand them.  Why would we sell anyone a pair of shoes with the
laces of the two shoes knotted together?  They may get out of the store
admiring the pair, but sooner or later will be tripped up; probably when
they are in a hurry.  Do you see how the analagy applies?  Let's stay
BSD as long as possible, because it's the right thing to do, not because
it's the easiest.


> And this is not for legal issues at all.
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