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From "Pier P. Fumagalli" <>
Subject Re: Cocoon 2.0: proposed battleplan
Date Fri, 14 Apr 2000 20:43:21 GMT
Donald Ball wrote:
> Great job, Pier. Sorry I've been rather absent recently, I've been
> learning all about linux virtual server services. whee.

SHIT... I lost basically all this week moving from one apartment to
another and in my Dentist' waiting room....
And now I have 2000 emails to read.... :(

> I was, and am, working on an XInclude Filter... I think it's likely to be
> useful enough to merit inclusion in the main engine.

Yep... That would be nice...

> Currently I'm trying to figure out if one can do xpath with SAX or if
> I need to build a DOM tree if the xinclude's xpointer includes an xpath
> expression.

Depending on the XPATH expression you might (or might not) have to build
the DOM...

> Is TRAX far enough along that we can link against it now?
> > E) Serializers:
> >    - XML bare serializer
> >    - HTML bare serializer
> I vote to reuse Assaf's serializers if at all possible; the less duplicate
> code in the ASF the better.

Yes... I had to write those two because at the beginning there were no
serializers supporting SAX2 (and also because I HATE their factorying
I'd keep, anyway, those two just in case we need to get rid of the
dependancies on external packages, or, unless they're not a stand-alone
project outside the xerces space...
(Anyway I'm more than flexible on that... I really don't care!)

> The generic SQL filter is already checked into CVS and works quite nicely.

I noticed it... Too bad I don't have a SQL-aware database engine to try
it with... MySQL for Windows? I'll give it a shot...

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