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From Sven Kuenzler <>
Subject Re: Cocoon2 and Tomcat
Date Thu, 13 Apr 2000 16:57:38 GMT

> say you're running you mean you pulled it from CVS?
> The very latest binary release you can download is 3.1rc1.  If you're
> getting the welcome message, it means that the Cocoon2 servlet is not being
> loaded, and the DefaultServlet is pulling the default document (index.html)
> >from the docBase.

No, I do not use a cvs version of tomcat. The 3.2b source distribution
is available as tar.gz from the Jakarta homepage.

> Dang, my bad.  I just realized what I did wrong.  That DefaultServlet
> section is located in the web.xml located in [path-to-Tomcat]/conf.  Remove
> that section, and everything should work.  I've attached a revised
> installing.xml to this message.

When I remove this, Tomcat won't serve anything not even normal pages
from other contexts. Every request returns:

Internal Servlet Error:


Again, I am a Tomcat beginner, so please correct me if I'm wrong. But
something called _Default_Servlet seems something very basic, so I don't
like the idea of removing it from the config.


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