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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject [RT] document autofragmentation
Date Sun, 09 Apr 2000 00:05:40 GMT
the problem of document fragmentation was not obvious even to the XSLT
designers... even if James Clark implemented the first XT extentions
using the ability to _break_ the generation of a single document into
more files.

Now, people asked for WML fragmentation, which is necessary because you
have great memory limit on the client side and you can't send more than
"some" bytes (normally around 1.5k). What if the page is bigger?

Also... if you looked at my ApacheCON2000 slides, I had a single
document and I used a stylesheet to extacts a single slide and encode
links to the previous/next/last/etc, then another stylesheet to render
the slide as HTML+CSS.

There are some cases where it makes sense to store the XML document into
an XML database... but this requires a great mind shift: declarative
languages like XSLT cannot work over XML databases, unless the whole
database is "filtered" thru the XSLT transformation sheet.

Instead, you have to do "procedural" things (yes, XSLT can be seen as
procedural if you use what is explained as "[2.3] Literal Result Element
as Stylesheet" in the XSLT specification).

But there is no standard way to say: "don't place this XPath query here
if it's more than 1.5k of data"... or split it on different pages and
keep track of that yourself.

A sort of smart URI cache that is able to fragment your page into pieces
and link them... as some SGML->HTML tools do with the "next|previous|up"
navigation links on top and bottom.

Problem: how the hell can be achive this automatically? is it possible?
is it feasible? is it worth the effort?

It is evident that such "fragmented documents" can be done today with
little effort, but they require a stylesheet to "remove" everything that
is not worth.... if we had an XPath generator... or a way to compile
extended-stylesheets as we do for XSP with the ability to Xpath-querying
directly an XML database...

Anyway, as my usual random thoughts, they are a bit messy.

And we should probably posticipate this on 2.1 or something like that.

Anyway, let's hear your comments.

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                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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