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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Project Coordination
Date Thu, 06 Apr 2000 03:29:31 GMT
Hello kids :)
	Since it seems that Stefano kindly gave me the responsability of
managing the 2.0 release (just to quote him: "No, Pier is simply a
crappy project coordinator" hehehe) but without letting me know of his
thoughts and/or decisions (or probably I just didn't get it, I'm kinda
stubborn, and lately my mind is somewhere else :), I wanted to know if
it's cool with all of you (expecially with you Stefano, Cocoon is your
baby!) if I could be the release manager from here to the 2.0 beta (due
for JavaONE) trying to organize a little bit the effort of the whole

It's a hella scary to do this (never volunteered to be release manager
for anything), but since i'm luckily paid to work on Cocoon (thanks
Exoffice!) and I am probably the one knowing the 2.0 internals better,
I'm ready and willing to take this responsability.

The plan is quite ambitious, but, here is my idea: Cocoon 2.0 is made of
some basically different components:

A) Engine:
   1) Sitemap/Matchers/XML Utitlities
   2) Cocoon internal request/response model
   3) Avalon configuration/interfaces (org.apache.arch)
B) HttpServlet:
   1) Adapter from HTTP world to the Cocoon engine
C) Basic "core" Generators/Filters/Serializers
   1) Parser Generator
   2) XSP Generator
   3) XSLT Filter
   4) XINCLUDE Filter
   5) XML Serializer
   6) HTML Serializer
D) Additional Generators/Filters/Serializers
   1) SQL/LDAP
   2) SVG
   3) XSL-FO
   4) any other?

There is still to decide what to move between the C and D list, and to
have a "wish list" of things that need to be placed in D, just to have a
global project overview. 

What I would like to see for JavaONE is surely A, B and C with decent
quality (ok, bugs are allowed, but not too many, we need to have
something usable...), and shoot for it. If we can agree on a structure,
it'll be easier to draw some lines from here to the beta release, and
see wether we can, or we can not (unthinkable!) have then...

What do you guys think?

    Pier (feeling weird trying to do what he wasn't designed to :)

pier: stable structure erected over water to allow docking of seacraft
<>      <>

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