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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: XSP and Cocoon2 Generators
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 17:34:33 GMT
Giacomo Pati wrote:

> There is always a balance between used resources and achieved
> performance. You do database denormalization because of performance as
> well but it costs you disk space and managment efforts. And a cache
> system as I've mentioned below will end up serving static pages most of
> the time.

Absolutely correct. In fact Cocoon has a cache even if both the web
server and a proxy down the road should/would perform better caching.
And does indeed help. But you don't create a thousands of index keys on
your tables for every possible unique row, don't you? This is my point.

> > > If a part is dynamic (i.e.
> > > SQLFilter) we cannot specify a resource or have to specify a resource
> > > which changes very often (i.e. TIME) and the system has to restart the
> > > pipeline at least at this part using the intermediate result that was
> > > produced prior to this part.
> >
> > Normally the most frequently changeable point is the generator. So, you
> > waste a lot of resources by saving the intermediate points.
> I can't verify that so you might have probably right ?-)

I can't either, so I might be wrong :) But it appears as a reasonable
guess to me.
> > Well, while I agree with you that general sub-pipelining is probably a
> > bad thing (smells of FS too much), this is a not a subpipeline but a
> > special generator that reuses the cocoon engine to work.
> [What's FS]

Flexibilty Syndrome, an anti-pattern that I defined to express the
dangerous idea that "if you do '1', '2' and '3', you should do 'n'"

Guess why I don't like Perl :)

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