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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: XSP and Cocoon2 Generators
Date Tue, 04 Apr 2000 13:15:06 GMT
Ricardo Rocha wrote:

> XSP in Cocoon2 should provide a "native" mechanism to perform such
> recursive inclusion without incurring in additional Http request overhead.
> This inclusion mechanism should come in 2 flavors: compile-time (to aid
> in the compilation process) and request-time (to provide for "normal"
> runtime inclusion). Of course, both variants should relay on xinclude...

I totally agree.
> Likewise, Donald's XInclude filter may well provide an optimization to
> determine whether a given inclusion can be satisfied by the current
> Cocoon instance.
> Given this optimization, sub-pipelining could always be seen simply as
> a case of XInclusion.

yes, but keep questioning yourself about FS.... I see great dangers
here: the more paths you give to people to more trouble you have to
explain them and understand which one is the best.

Altought, I agree that we cannot possibly limit XInclude capabilities to
non-cocoon URIs and the internal Cocoon URIs should be dealt with
inside, not going back to the web server.
> A desirable side-effect of this approach is that Cocoon would cache
> the intervening logicsheets thus resulting in something similar to what
> Giacomo would like to see: restarting the code generation [sub]pipeline
> only at the proper changeable point...

yes, but, instead of scattering the cache hooks across all the pipeline,
the system knows it must cache only the result of an appropriate

Small point, but, to me, it appears very design-significant.

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