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From Stefano Mazzocchi <>
Subject Re: Shameless Developer Recruiting
Date Mon, 03 Apr 2000 11:20:40 GMT
John Milan wrote:
> Well, I did ask Stefano about it first...

yes, I thought this could help us both as a community and as
individuals... if you have any troubles with these kinds of mail,
please, let me know. Thank you.

> I'm looking for people who want to develop and use Cocoon in a
> large-scale (and rapidly getting larger-scale) production environment.
> We fully expect to be servicing several hundred of the Fortune 1000
> companies in the coming year. The problems we are facing are exactly the
> solutions Cocoon provides.
> I believe the following is true:
> "The Cocoon project aims to change the way web information is created,
> rendered and served. This new paradigm is based on fact that document
> content, style and logic are often created by different individuals or
> working groups. Cocoon aims to a complete separation of the three
> layers, allowing the three layers to be independently designed, created
> and managed, reducing management overhead, increasing work reuse and
> reducing time to market."
> and now I want to prove it. I want to make my company the high-profile
> proving ground. My desire is to build a reference site for the Cocoon
> publishing framework, much like Amazon has become a reference site for
> the Apache Web Server. We've just secured $30 million in financing from
> Benchmark and Goldman Sachs-- we will be high profile.

I've assisted at amazing things: companies with such high profiles
(you're not the first one, John :) come to me asking if "cocoon is ready
to prove its ideas".

Well, you know much I evangelize and all that, but you also know that
Cocoon 1.x could not possibly stand the kind of load that such
very-high-profile uses require...

but I have to tell you: such companies don't have problems paying 125K$
for a Vignette StoryServer licence.... and don't have problems running
clusters of huge Sun machines to run the Oracle Application Server when
they could spend one tenth using a bunch of PCs + FreeBSD + Apache +

But even if we try hard, even if we can technically prove the excellence
of our software and solutions compared to commercial ones (Vignette is
great, but if you think that Cocoon 1.x is a memory hog, well, you
haven't see alternatives :) John is absolutely right:

 we need a killer story!

Apache's killer story are netcraft surveys.
JServ's killer story is and JavaWorld Award.

What is Cocoon's killer story? is a great starting
point (not completely cocoon-based, for what I can tell, but this will
hopefully change in the future), but think about something like "
powered by Cocoon".

Companies are interested in joining and helping out... and providing a
killer story is a _great_ resource to this project because allows you
geeks to go to the other technical people and make their jaws drop...
but also go to your boss and make his eyes shine with dollars signs :)

I will soon make a list of "Proud to be powered by Cocoon" web sites and
I'd love to have all your links up there. (contact me directly for

Thanks and listen to John, he's a great guy!

Stefano Mazzocchi      One must still have chaos in oneself to be
                          able to give birth to a dancing star.
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