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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: Documentation grammars, was:[Re: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings]
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 21:51:22 GMT
Mark Washeim wrote:
> I KNOW this is a problem. That's why most corporation, including mine,
> impose a standard (I'm assuming you follow javadoc conventions for the
> convienience and consistancy it offers). DocBook is merely a useful,
> well-constructed DTD which could serve as a reference for those who must
> produce documentation. No need for everyone to use it, of course and as you
> point out. As long as YOU produce the xsl to transform it (or anyone else
> that choses another DTD).

Did I say that someone other than me is going to be producing that XSL?
Nope... I'm just a software coder, never written more than 10 lines of
docs in my life, and my only point is to develop the best possible XML
publishing engine (and we're succeding in it, Cocoon 2.0 is the proof...
Everytime I'm out showing it off -4 convention talks about it in the
last month- everyone is impressed by what WE are doing...)
As I said DocBook or the XML.APACHE.ORG DTDs are JUST DTDs... The focus
of this mailing list MUST be the development of the tool... And we
shouldn't all waste time arguing (gettin' angry) about those... And if
we really want to do it, please let's do it in <>
or somewhere like that...
The cocoon-dev mailing list focuses on the development of Cocoon, and
DTDs are, IMVHO, out of context...

> Personally, I think it would be great if DocBook were used at the apache sf.
> It would resolve consitancy problems with a reasonable, single point of
> reference for all documentation producers.

Mike, it's already hard to talk about how projects are structured in the
foundation, it's even harder to talk about the introduction of XML in
places where it would be really useful like configurations (see the
flames on the different mailing lists!)...
If you think it will be EVER possible to let all the people in the
foundation (all developers and doc writer) agree on a single DTD, or
even just to use XML to write docs, you _ARE_ dreaming... 

> As for my part, if you think a discussion of docbook is a waste of time, you
> should try getting out of the perpetual CALS table model discussion I've
> been working through for the last n years....

I think it's NOT relevant here, where we're discussing about the
implementation of a publishing framework called Cocoon. if you guys want
to fight about anything (because lately the discussion _was_ a fight)
that is not strictly related to the architecture and bugs of Cocoon
2.0,  please don't do it here... Or if you do, just tell me, and I'll be
more than happy to unsubscribe... 
I don't want to see my friends flaming each other on things that are, on
this mailing list, of marginal importance. We _have_ to concentrate on
the tool right now, and get it out for JavaONE... Because that's the
promise I made on behalf of this group, and regardeless of the fact that
the group follows me or not, I'm going to maintain it.


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