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From Pierpaolo Fumagalli <>
Subject Re: [RT] latest wonderings around W3C land and surroundings
Date Sat, 01 Apr 2000 03:31:47 GMT
Stefano Mazzocchi wrote:
> ----------- XBase ---------------- [...]
> Hmmm, makes me think that XBase is good on client side, but on server
> side sucks.

  Like most of the specs made by W3C? (aka DOM/XLINK)

> ------------- XInclude ------------- [...]
> Should Cocoon support this [XInclude ] ? definately yes!

I agree (and I even wrote a Filter for that... And I lost it when I
formatted my laptop to install Win2K...)

> [...] alsmost like Servlet 2.1 RequestDispatcher.include().

Exactly what I'm thinking... Probably, though, we'd need to solve a
couple of issues.... But....

> ----------- XLink -----------------
> XLink is another good spec but was mainly created for client side

As I said :) :) :)

> [...]
> The question is: how do we perform such transformation? Should there be
> a sort of "stylesheet" for links? should this information be contained
> in the sitemap? if so, how?

I believe all those questions were already addressed, and, even if not
perfect, Cocoon 2.0 right now _tanslates_ those links...

> ------- XSchema ------------
> getting very complex, but namespace validation is something that we need
> like fresh air [...]

I'm starting to become more and more against validation (personal
performance issues :) but I agree that we need something like it... Does
schema finally addresses namespaces validation??? Hopefully :)

> ------- XSL ----------------
> FO reached final recommendation. Didn't looked at latest changes but I
> hope it solidifies so that people will actually start using it.

I'll let this to the FOP team :)

> -------- SVG -----------------
> SVG is simply great! We _need_ SVG->raster generation to allow easier
> transition to this technology. Pier used a wrapped-up CSIRO serializer
> at ApacheCON that works, but I want full support for filters!!!

???? Filters???? Well, I don't know the SVG spec enough to say something
about it, but (if I didn't make it wrong once again) the SVG stuff
should be in the CVS right now....

> -------- SMIL ---------------
> should we process this as well on the server side? heard people talking
> about MPEG2 serializer for Cocoon to be able to use Cocoon as sky-link
> driver for satellite set-top boxes.

Cute, but as the other two, it's not something I'm interested in....
It's (just :) another Filter/Serializer (what is it?) I want first
stability in the core system before shooting for something else (SVG and
FO are there, and I use 'em, but apart from being "cute" they're not my

> ---------- RDF/RSS -------------
> ---------- DocBook --------------

DTDs, like Filters/Serializers are not in my bag. Engine, engine, engine
(or, if you want, compliancy, stability, performance! :) :) :)

> taa, da da daa, ta da daaa (startrek NG tune fading away...)

Ok... I played the MP3 and had fun w/ the volume control... :P


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